Song Structure

Song forms


  • Tomorrow Never Knows


  • Shotgun
  • When I Think of You
  • I Know a Place

Simple verse form (AAA)

Intermediate forms

  • The dividing line between simple verse and verse-chorus is not clear cut:
chords melody lyrics
same same same simple verse
same same different intermediate
same different different intermediate
different different different verse-chorus

("same" and "different" refer to the verse compared to the chorus)

  • Songs where the chords and melody remain the same, but the lyrics are different
    • Knockin' on Heaven's Door
  • Songs where the chords remain the same, but melody and lyrics are different
    • Feelin' Alright
    • Jambalaya
    • The Sweater Song (Weezer)
    • Who Do You Love?
    • Wicked Game

Verse-chorus form

Vocals / instrumentals


First verse is instrumental

  • lots of big-band era songs
  • Steve Miller, Jet Airliner
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