Lived Experience

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Theory and analysis can only take us so far. We must never forget to pay attention to what life feels like minute-to-minute, and year after year (especially to folks whose lives are different from ours).

Some terms that might be in this ballpark:

  • Subjective experience
  • Everyday life

In mainstream Western culture, we don't generally get an analysis of the international situation from those who are, for instance, not getting enough to eat, living in a shack without a toilet,walking miles a day to fetch clean drinking water or contemplating which of their children to offer up to prostitution to support the family. If we did get such a perspective, we could probably expect a different take on things, a different assessment of what is important and what isn't, of how satisfactorily the current [capitalist economic] system is serving the world.

- Linda McQuaig, All You Can Eat

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